Annual Conference

It was great to be together for the PCN National Conference 2016, which was held on Saturday 19th November 2016 at the Carrs Lane Conference Centre in Birmingham.

The annual conferences are such an important way of staying connected together, as we meet one another and put faces to names! They are also a valuable time of equipping, envisioning and encouragement.

So, here is some information and feedback from the 2016 conference. Watch out for details about the 2017 conference as plans begin to take shape.

This year we were delighted to welcome our keynote speaker, Philippa Taylor. Philippa is Head of Public Policy at the Christian Medical Fellowship. We also had a wide selection of seminars covering subjects that had been requested by local centres throughout the year.

Keynote Speaker: Philippa Taylor

Philippa will bring encouragement and inspiration as someone who understands the challenges faced by centres, and who is committed to engaging compassionately with people over complex issues.

Main Speaker: Anne Wallace

Anne will give an update on the activities of PCN this year and exciting plans for the future.

Seminar 1: Medical Ethics

In this seminar Professor John Wyatt will consider some of the ethical issues relating to pregnancy.

Seminar 2: Easy Fundraising

Helen Turley will present some useful hints and ideas for how to raise funds within a centre.

Seminar 3: Being a Centre Trustee

Ali Thompson will host this seminar covering all aspects of being a centre trustee. We will also hear firsthand from a Chair of Trustees in a local centre.

Seminar 4: Beating Burnout - Looking After Yourself

Sara Hyde will provide advice and encouragment for volunteers to help them stay emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Seminar 5: Understanding and Handling Anxiety from a Christian Perspective

Celia Wyatt will lead this seminar which will increase our undertsanding of anxiety, and how this impacts the best way to help clients.

Seminar 6: Creating Regional Links

Carol Steinbrecher and Karry Hallsworth will host this seminar on the benefits and practicalities of centres working regionally.

Seminar 7: Collecting your Data and Using it to Promote your Centre

In additional to the keynote presentation, Philippa Taylor will lead this seminar on how simple data and statistics can support your engagement with local agencies.

Seminar 8: Training

This seminar will be led by Susan Barnes with Anne Wallace and will present that latest ideas and developments relating to training centre volunteers.

Seminar 9: The "I am" Project

The 'I am' Project uses the creative arts to equip participants to make and maintain respectful, positive and healthy relationships, free from coercion, violence and intimidation. Courses are now running across the UK. This seminar, led by Rose Frater from Choices Islington, will explore the ethos behind the project as well as course content, how you can get involved and a few uplifting stories!

"It was a great opportunity for new inspiration, training and sharing openly."

"I am struck by the professionalism demonstrated by all representing the PCN. I look forward to seeing it flourish."

"Very inspiring, interesting and informative!"

"Encouragement was given with honesty and humility."

"I am excited to know that there are help and resources available. I don't feel alone."

"I can't wait until next year!"

2016 Conference details

Date and Time: 19th November 2016, 9:30am to 5pm

Location: Carrs Lane Conference Centre, Birmingham, UK

Price: £45 plus booking fee

Catering: Lunch and refreshments will be provided free of charge

Certification: CPD certificates will be available for all delegates completing the full day. Get the most from the day, don’t short-change yourself by leaving early. If you are booking trains please book them for after 5pm. We will even give you chocolate for your journey home!

Booking: Sorry, you missed it!