We Are Family group (Alternatives, Plaistow)

Name Julia Acott
Name of Organisation Alternatives, Plaistow
Contact e-mail Julia@altel.org.uk
Contact phone number 07766 574782
Description of Resource offered Alternatives Trust East London in Newham is looking to run a pilot group in a different location, of their We Are Family Group.  This We Are Family group is a support group for vulnerable families – teaching parenting and life skills within a holistic framework. 
The ideal pilot would have a group of parents (minimum 3-4, no maximum as we run our group with 25 mums at present) who would like to meet weekly for 6-8 weeks as a taster course. 
Trainee Cost of Course
Centre cost of course materials
Previous experience of Course provider/trainer (relevant if they are providing a revised training modules or manual)
What course achieves for the participants (e.g. qualification gained, any accreditation, which centres recognise this course)
Steps taken to ensure the quality of the resource
Any further support offered to support trainers using this course If this works in your setting we are then happy to support you with more materials for a one year programme.  For the pilot we would come and train and deliver, and encourage you also to facilitate sessions, and hope to leave at the end of the pilot a core group with 2-3 committed leaders to continue the programme. 
Any other relevant information to share with Centre Leaders Ideally we would like to run the pilot any time between January – April next year 2017.