Resourcing Pastoral Carers Course (PCUK)

Name Teresa Onions
Name of Organisation Pastoral Care UK (PCUK) as part of the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC)
Contact e-mail
Contact phone number ACC Head Office : 024 7644 9694
Description of Resource offered Resourcing Pastoral Carers Course (RPCC)
The RPCC is a 10 x 2 hour course which leads to a Certificate of Attendance if Course Members have completed 90% of the course. It is an experiential and practical course, with reflective practice and skills embedded in it and includes the following sessions:-
session 1 introduction
session 2 Christian pastoral care
session 3 human need
session 4 pastoral care relationship
session 5 listening to God and self
session 6 listening to others (1)
session 7 listening to others (2)
session 8 safe practice
session 9 books and resources
session 10 reflective practice and ending
Trainee Cost of Course The trainee cost of the course is a minimal of £20-00pp which is the levy required by ACC/PCUK for its use
Centre cost of course materials Additional costs might be added and would be dependent on whether:-
o   There are any venue / refreshments costs to cover
o   Centres will be able to photocopy the Course Members Folder or the PCUK Trainer is required to provide them (approximately £15-00pp)
o   There are PCUK trainers expenses and costs
Costs may also vary according to how many people there are on the course
Previous experience of Course provider/trainer (relevant if they are providing a revised training modules or manual)
What course achieves for the participants (e.g. qualification gained, any accreditation, which centres recognise this course)
Steps taken to ensure the quality of the resource There are several ways in which the quality of the resource is looked after:-
o   All those who train the RPCC are trained by PCUK to deliver it.
This includes providing references and usually attending a 3 day residential
o   All Trainers are members of PCUK and adhere to PCUK’s Guidelines for Good Practice in Pastoral Care
o   Every RPCC undertaken is given a code which Course Members use to complete a Survey Monkey Questionnaire at the end. All feedback is looked at and any concerns identified discussed with the relevant trainer.
o   All Trainers undertake regular review, meet on an annual basis and are encouraged to engage in reflective practice.
Any further support offered to support trainers using this course As acknowledged all trainers of the RPCC are trained by PCUK and PCUK would provide a Trainer for any RPCC requested. It would be possible, if there was sufficient interest, for PCUK to run a Training the Trainers Course for those involved in the Pregnancy Centres Network and to establish an In-House Training Scheme.
Any other relevant information to share with Centre Leaders PCUK offers not only training resources for pastoral workers but:-
o   Sole affiliate membership to Pregnancy Crises Centres which provides a level of accountability and credibility
o   Membership benefits including the quarterly accord magazine and advertising benefits
o   Guidelines for Good Practice in Pastoral Care
o   Networking opportunities
o   Regional and National Training Opportunities
o   Close links and access to ACC Counsellors
Further details about the Vision, Mission, Training Resources and Networks of PCUK can be found at