Options PAC (Peterborough) Volunteer Training

Name Judy McGibbon
Name of Organisation Options Pregnancy Advice Service
Contact e-mail tommcgibbon@hotmail.com, judymcgibbon49@gmail.com
Contact phone number 01733 847653, 07952 837044
Description of Resource offered Pregnancy Choices Course and Post Abortion course
Trainee Cost of Course £110
Centre cost of course materials £110 was total cost. Some centres paid for all the course and some paid for half or a third
Previous experience of Course provider/trainer (relevant if they are providing a revised training modules or manual) I have facilitated many courses and feel that I know the material well. The last course I led was adapted from the last CareConfidential Called to Care course. I did not do it electronically but used Tippex and a photocopier! However, I was able to use the best parts of that course and emphasise the parts that participants struggle with especially the whole non-directive part and empathy. I used the previous case study DVD also. The same would apply to post abortion counselling – however I am aware that others have re-written this along with Pregnancy Choices course and have it available electronically.
What course achieves for the participants (e.g. qualification gained, any accreditation, which centres recognise this course) I'm afraid that it only gave them a course certificate as it was not accredited. However, I could share lots of client experience and case study work with them.
Steps taken to ensure the quality of the resource "The centres in my region I think recognise the length of time I have been doing this and I hope trust me.
I was careful to let the course participants know that the course wasn't accredited although I gave them a certificate to say that they had completed it satisfactorily. I collected in various homework tasks majoring on areas that I know caused participants difficulty in the past. "
Any further support offered to support trainers using this course Any support I can give – would be very happy.
Any other relevant information to share with Centre Leaders I would be more than happy to support any trainers using any of the adapted material. I would be more than happy to help with suggestions, any resources I have and any advice needed. Obviously I would be more than prepared to share my Tippexed material but also Ali and Carole's is now electronic so would be much better for people to use.