Crossway Volunteer Training

Name Anne Wallace
Centre Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre Twickenham
Contact email
Contact phone number 07890 220036
Description of resource offered Outline of Called to Care equivalent course including some trainer session plans (full complement not yet complete)
Previous experience of Course provider/trainer (relevant if they are providing revised training modules or a manual) I have an honours degree plus certificate of education & 15 years teaching experience (pupils aged 11-18)
I attended Called to Care, Journey, Training the Trainers, and the AUC conversion courses
I attended Level 2 and Level 3 (CPCAB)counselling courses
I trained Called to Care 5 times, and Journey 5 times
I have 14 years of experience and have supported several hundred clients facing unplanned pregnancy or following pregnancy loss.
What course achieves for the participants (e.g. qualification gained, any accreditation, which centres recognise this course) A certificate of completion of the course will be issued on condition that participants attend at least 90% of the sessions, and cover all the material in the course.
This qualification is recognised by Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre, Options Ashford, The Gate, Westminster and Choices Ealing.
Steps taken to ensure the quality of the resource I use a secular textbook alongside the 2008 Called to Care course to give trainees exposure to current secular best practice models.
I recommend engaging visiting speakers with relevant expertise where possible(e.g. to cover the medical aspects of the course).
I have used invited colleagues to proof read the materials.
I have run the course with 2 trainees in a tutorial setting. They have provided written feedback regarding the training that they received.
Any further support offered I am willing to answer questions over the phone or via e-mail, and to share the trainee feedback