Beresford Centre Volunteer Training

Contact e-mail
Contact phone number 01633 212320
Description of Resource offered Trainees receive a manual that is compiled during the course
Trainee Cost of Course "£125 per module ; 3 modules
£375 in total"
Centre cost of course materials N/A
Previous experience of Course provider/trainer (relevant if they are providing a revised training modules or manual) "Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling
Train the Trainer Course ( Care Confidential)
25 years experience delivering training courses and counselling
Tutor for Care Confidential online PCPC course
Member of BACP "
What course achieves for the participants (e.g. qualification gained, any accreditation, which centres recognise this course) "We train for centres in the Wales Region.
After completion of the three modules and video roleplays the trainee is trained to work in a centre"
Steps taken to ensure the quality of the resource We have four experienced trainers and complete a rigorous evaluation at the end of each module.
Any further support offered to support trainers using this course We do not have additional trainers but offer a tutorial with the trainee and centre leader after each course.
Any other relevant information to share with Centre Leaders