Alternatives Volunteer Training

Name Centre Manager Emma James-German
Name of Organisation Alternatives Stamford
Contact e-mail
Contact phone number 01780 765853
Description of Resource offered Unplanned Pregnancy/Post Abortion/Baby Loss Support
ASET (Alternatives Stamford Education Team) – Offers age appropriate educational courses to schools and colleges around sex and relationships
Free Chlamydia Testing, Free Pregnancy Testing, C-Card Site, Sexual Health & Contraception Information
Trainee Cost of Course
Centre cost of course materials FPA – Counselling Skills in Unintended Pregnancy (£3695 for up to 15 students + Trainer expenses & In House training days at Alternatives)Lincolnshire Council & Nhs – Chlamydia testing/Pregnancy testing & C-Card Training (FREE)
FPA – Delivering Sex & Relationships education in the class room (£4600 for up to 12 students)
Room Hire & Stationary Costs
Previous experience of Course provider/trainer (relevant if they are providing a revised training modules or manual) We have used the FPA twice at Alternatives Stamford. We have found them to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and all courses have been accredited.
What course achieves for the participants (e.g. qualification gained, any accreditation, which centres recognise this course) As Above
Steps taken to ensure the quality of the resource Research undertaken by the Centre Manger – original contact was made with Care Confidential when they closed to seek where else provided the level of training needed for Alternatives. Referred to the FPA for most resources.
Any further support offered to support trainers using this course We held In House Training days to support what the FPA delivered with our experienced and trained team members.
Any other relevant information to share with Centre Leaders Not at this time